Maybelline the blushed nudes

Maybelline the blushed nudes

In december I told a friend I wasn’t going to buy another nude eyeshadow palette in my life. I had all the colors, what was the point, pffft? Then the Maybelline Blushed Nudes was released here and I was like oooh, shiny! Brassy and pinky, my colors.


I am weak.

Maybelline Blushes Nudes

Pretty! Now, a word of warning: these go on sheer. The brassy colors will not translate to the lid exactly like they look in the pan.

Maybelline Blushed Nudes Swatches

Swatches! Click pic to see it larger.  I swatched the colors, top, bottom, repeat.

The first color is a light, matte bone shade. Good for blending the colors into the skin if you are pale. For darker skins, this will be more a matte highlight.

Next is a reddish bronze. Then a shimmery beige, universal lid color with a warm undertone. Next is a satin brown with a little golden shimmer.

Next four are the more cool toned shades: a light shimmery color, sort of a brassy color. Then a mid tone brown, also shimmery. Then a matte baby pink, very light. Underneath a muddy color, slightly shimmery.

Last four are the reddish colors: First a matte pink, darker and stronger than the previous. Then a shimmery burgundy color. Another shimmery bronze, somewhat darker than the first. And lastly, a blackened brown with pink shimmer.

With the last Maybelline Nude palette I bought I said that it had great colors, but was a bit hard to blend (okay to work for a blogger or makeup geek but might have been not perfect for a beginner). With this one I am not entirely convinced by the colors (some are quite close and they are hard to get opaque), but I find them to be extremely easy to blend and put on, and so I think this palette is perfect for a beginner. When you don’t expect intense color and just want something good to work with, to put on quickly and look good, this is one for you!

I got everything from a light nude look to a good smokey eye with it (just not too dark, as the colors always stay a little sheer). One thing that did not work at all was using the darker colors as a liner, something I like to do when I use palettes. But those are just too light and when you pack them on, they crumble and ruin your look. Just stick to normal eyeliner.

Overall I am happy with this palette, I reach for it often in the early morning as it is hard to mess up with those colors, even when you’re still half asleep. However, a good primer is necessary. When used with primer, the creasing and fading is kept to a minimum. I get wear time of about seven hours out of it.


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