YSL Vernis Edition 7 green

YSL Vernis Edition 7 green


This is the green half of a nailpolish duo by YSL. It’s a beautiful shimmery spring green. It goes on a bit stronger than it looks like in the bottle.

As pretty as the color is, the quality was difficult. It is prone to bubbling and goes on stripey. You can correct that with more coats (I wear only two in the pic) but the more you put on, the longer it takes to dry. I put dents in it hours later.

YSL often has really pretty colors especially in their LEs, but I try to not buy them. At the end of the day, you’re often better off with something like Essie. This color though is unique in my collection (which admittedly is not that big) and once it’s on, it’s so pretty and fresh. The quality troubles might be caused by this being a mini bottle, though. I find those often have more difficult formulas across the brands and are more prone to drying up.


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