Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl Noir Relevateur

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl Noir Relevateur

Givenchy RIV 1

As already mentioned in a previous post, I could not get past the newest Givenchy lipsticks, the Rouge Interdit Vinyl. As far as I know these replace the previous Rouge Interdit lipsticks. The Vinyl come in a longer lipstick case, the old ones were traditionally lipstick shaped.

Givnenchy RIV 2

They have the whole range of colors, many pretty juicy shades. But of course, the one I had to own was 16 Noir Relevateur. Some time ago Givenchy had this amazing sparkly lipstick, Prune Folie. I love it and I wear it lots. Yet often I would think, if only they had a version without sparkles, I’d buy it in an instant. Because as nice as sparkles are, sometimes you want just the color. Well looks like I jinxed myself because here it is!

Givenchy RIV 3

This is one swipe of the lipstick. Just like Prune Folie, this does not go on black. It’s one of those color revealing lipsticks that react to the PH on your skin/lips.  On my lips it’s maybe a tad darker than in the swatch, but not much. The texture is balmy and glossy. There is actually really fine glitter in it, but you can’t really see or feel it. I think it’s just there to enhance the formula.

Noir Relevateur leaves a bit of a stain on the lips, but in a way that’s barely noticable. It looks like you’d eaten blackberries. The glossy part only lasts about two or three hours.

I didn’t detect any scent or taste, which is how I prefer my lipsticks, it feels good and looks good. I know sheer glossy lipsticks are all the rage these days and every brand offers them, but I think Givenchy’s are a really good addition to the lineup.

The Rouge Interdit Vinyl are permanent. They also have sheer Le Rouge stylo-like lipsticks. I think the difference is that the Vinyl ones are more likely to leave a stain, and are maybe less glossy and more like a balm.


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