The Nail Polish Storage

The Nail Polish Storage

I don’t have a Helmer yet, but since a new Ikea store is opening nearby, this might be only a matter of time. But in the meantime, how am I storing my nail polish?

Back when I had only a handful of them I kept them on a shelf in my cabinet. Then it got slowly more and more and I couldn’t find anything anymore. So I put them in a drawer instead, keeping them closer together. It wasn’t easy to find a drawer that had the right height, but I had one. But that one was so deep that I couldn’t see the polishes in the back. And the drawer was the kind you can completely pull out, there are no stops in. By then I had a three digit number of nail polish and the thought of accidentally pulling too far and having all of them fall down made me queasy.

And so they are currently stored like this:


This is not all of my polish, I stopped to make a picture when I was sorting it. This box is high enough to fit in OPI polishes. Most boxes I tried before were too low. I don’t even remember where this box came from. I simply try putting OPI polish into every empty box I have and when OPI fits in, it’s a keeper. I think this one might originally have contained clothes. It’s sturdy carton. Still, I don’t lift it without supporting the bottom. A box full of polish can get heavy. For the same reason it is currently parked on the bottom shelf. The rest of my polish is still in the drawer, but since it’s a lot less now I don’t have to pull it out so far.

I’m still in the process of buying furniture, but that’s going really slow so this will be my storage for now. Of course I dream of getting seperate units for my polish and my makeup. While having them on display would be nice, I fear that would destroy the pigment, so I prefer keeping them in the dark.

How do you keep your nail polish? How do you sort them? I try to sort by color, which of course gets all those different bottle shapes in a mess. But if I sort by brand I tend to forget which exact shades I have that are similar to each other…

7 thoughts on “The Nail Polish Storage

  1. I keep my nail polishes in plastic drawer units – similar to this one:

    I have seven of those units already, but I know I need to buy more. These are super practical and the ones i found at my local Family Bargains are tall enough to house the taller polish bottles (Revlon, China Glaze, etc).

    I tag the individual boxes with stickers and I record which polish is where with the help of a spreadsheet. 🙂

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    1. whoops, sorry wordpress thought you were spammer and it took me a while to find your comment. bad wordpress. I just LOVE organisational boxes. and go you for keeping a spread sheet. I tried that once, but gave up. 😦

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      1. No worries! I too have tons of legit comments ending up in my spam. Ah well, I guess it’s better this way than having real spam on your blog.

        It took me ages to do a proper spreadsheet. I started several times, but I have hundreds of polishes and I was always annoyed when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I had to do it. Box by box. 🙂

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