Dior Poison Girl

Dior Poison Girl

The Poison line by Dior holds some interesting perfumes, some of which I like a lot so I just had to try this new release:

poison girl

Poison Girl EdP. It was released in 2016, but not at the same time in all countries, so it may not be available everywhere yet. Also, so far the information is that it will not be released in US and Canada! Here in Austria, it’s been available since Feb 1st.

Perfumer is Francois Demachy.

I have now tested it several times, both on paper strips and skin, and I have to say that sadly it smells a lot better on paper than on my skin! 😦 So do not be fooled by the paper, test on your skin before purchasing!

The name already hints at it, Poison Girl wants to capture the young audience. And what do these youngling buy? Cotton candy perfume! Poison Girl opens dizzingly sweet. It claims to not have red berries in, but at first I totally smell fake strawberries. The opening is also disappointing in the way that, if you’ve smelled sweet perfume in the last years, you’ll realize this is so similar to many others, you’ll wonder what the point was. My coworker, who also took a sniff, immediately exclaimed “Diesel Loverdose… some flanker or other.” And she’s right. Also, a couple other perfumes.

The heart is even more generic, and while it’s delicious on paper it gets a bit screechy on my skin.  And finally, the base is a very lovely yummy vanilla, sadly a lot stronger on paper than on skin, but still so good. Lasting power on skin is ten hours, on paper it’s like 48 hours and counting. Sillage is 2 meters (tested with the paper strips).

You know I am not a huge fan of very sweet perfumes, but if this had smelled on me like on the paper strips, I’d have called it a must have (even if, yes, there are other perfumes that smell veeeeery similar). As it is, I think it is a nice, cutesy perfume and certainly not the worst sweet one to have.

Some people have voiced displeasure ver this being a Poison flanker, but honestly all Poison flankers are so wildly different, I don’t see much of a problem here.

In a nutshell:

  • you could do a lot worse
  • copycat perfume (if it doesn’t get a release in your country, check out Diesel Loverdose Tattoo/Black, Black Opium, Kenzo Flower L’Elixir,…)
  • yummy vanilla base

4 thoughts on “Dior Poison Girl

  1. How disappointing. I was looking forward to trying this out and i still will. I have Pure Poison and i love it so much but i hate super sweet scents. Great to know though. Thanks for review and i just probably saved myself £50-£60

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    1. It’s certainly worth a sniff. I too love Pure Poison very much, and I also like Poison quite a bit. I think Poison Girl is among the better sweet scents, but yeah. Sweet it is.


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