Essie Fiji

Essie Fiji


This is two coats of Essie Fiji, no top coat. Over here, Fiji is always an LE color. I hear in the Americas, it’s non-limited. Anyway, this is from the current “most wanted” collection, where they put up polishes from previous LE’s. Another polish included is Chillato.

Here in Europe Fiji is something of a cult color, because when it was released the first time, it was a different color from the US version. It was much lighter, pretty much white with a hint of pink. That one was discontinued and all later versions look more like mine, a light pastel pink. So that’s why you might see differing swatches on the net.

Despite the high amount of white in, I found it easy to apply and it looked pretty good with two coats. Lasting power was also good, I got tip wear on day four. Unlike Mademoiselle or Sugar Daddy, Fiji is opaque.

The very light pink sometimes gave me a case of lobster hands, but apart from that I love this polish.


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