MAC Flamingo Park: Silly and Chick Trick

MAC Flamingo Park: Silly and Chick Trick

MAC Flamingo Park includes lots of pretty pinks and corals, some of which are permanent or repromotes. Here’s what I already have:

Chic Trick Fruit Cocktail

MAC Lip Liner Chick Trick (ignore the other one, that one’s permanent): When I bought it I didn’t know it was LE, but it’s listed as LE now. My original post for the liners can be read here.


Swatch CT FC

Chick Trick is bright pink with yellow undertones. The mine is a bit less creamy than my other MAC lip liners, but workable. I apply it all over the lip, then it makes lipsticks last longer. An exact lipstick color match would be Miley Cyrus I, but that one was limited. Other than that I mainly use Chick Trick to change the color of my lipstick: it pulls pink colors into coral and corally ones into pink. When paired with Morange it creates a lovely coral, when paired with Pink Pidgeon, that one looks less blueish.

MAC Silly vs Candy Yum Yum

The MAC lipstick Silly (matte), here shown on top, is a light pink with some white in. It’s not quite as blue as Candy Yum Yum, here shown underneath. A post comparing the two can be found here.

Candy Yum Yum Silly

Swatch: Candy Yum Yum (top), underneath Silly. Note that Flamingo Park includes another lipstick called Be Silly, that one is a different color (but still pink, haha). So be careful when ordering so you get the right color.

Silly is a lovely pink. I wear it more often than Candy Yum Yum. It’s certainly a Barbie sort of color and bright. Being matte, it does not need a lip liner, but when I use one, I like Rosy Rim, which softens the color a little. For a brighter look I would use the liner Candy Yum Yum, but then the color difference to the Candy Yum Yum lipstick gets even smaller (it would still be a little less blue).

So if you missed those two items and really wanted them, Flamingo Park is your chance.

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