Kiko Dazzling Highlighter Bright Rose

Kiko Dazzling Highlighter Bright Rose

The Dazzling Highlighter by Kiko was part of their Holiday Collection. You might still find it in their sale.

Kiko Bright Rose

It’s a highlighter stick. Those sticks are very useful, because they’re so easy to apply. Just drag right across where you want it and then blend with your finger.

Kiko Bright Rose2

The color of 04 Bright Rose is honestly more of a salmon color. The shimmer is light gold and light pink.

Kiko Bright Rose3

Swatch. The color is pretty subtle. I think it’s a good color for the very pale kids. The shimmer itself is a bit sparkly, it’s not exactly on the toned down end of the shimmer spectrum. It’s more for a glittery evening makeup than an everyday highlighter. In comparison, the highlighter from the fall collection was more of a continuous shimmer, while this one is more a sparkle. Fitting for a holiday collection, although I can’t say how often I’ll reach for it in the future.

The stick is creamy and easy to apply; the sparkle lasts through the night. The bigger shimmer particles can move around on the face though.

All in all a solid product. I can’t promise that it’s still available, though, sorry. In case you get to their sale, do check out their powders as well, they are very finely milled.


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