Guerlain Rouge G Merveilleux Rose

Guerlain Rouge G Merveilleux Rose


Welcome to the new year 2016! Let’s start it with this beauty. I am sorry to start off with an item that is sold out, but I got this as an Xmas present and it’s too pretty to not show it: Guerlain Rouge G in 867 Merveilleux Rose. The normal Rouge G bullet is decorated with a fine lacelike pattern. The G is gold instead of silver.


The lipstick itself is a light corally pink. (Pic pulls a little too blue here).

Guerlain Swatch

Swatch. This is pretty true to color. The finish is creamy and not completely opaque, so the color looks a little different on the lips. The finish is so creamy and feels so good; it’s as if wearing only a balm. Lasting power suffers for it. I get a couple hours, it does not survive eating. But since the bullet is so pretty, who cares if you have to reapply?

Only downside is that it’s so pretty. I can’t decide if I should put it in a glass case or use it. XD


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