Kenzo Flower L’Elixir

Kenzo Flower L’Elixir

Flower L'Elixir

L’Elixir is a new flanker to Flower by Kenzo.

It is a typical winter release scent, very sweet. Kenzo calls it a floral gourmand and that’s what it is. To me it starts with strawberries, very intense. Others seem to detect more raspberry here. Then there’s rose, and over everything there is vanilla and a praline note. The whole thing smells very yummy, like a confectionary.

The opening is too strong for my taste, it’s like BAM! Strawberry-chan is here! But it gets a little more gentle afterwards. I like how it is distinctive from other sweet perfumes. I think I’ll wear it from time to time, even if I won’t need a bottle of this.

Also, despite the name and the bottle, this smells absolutely nothing like Flower. Nada. I see no connection. And while the press text waffles on about poppies, the only flowers in here are rose and orange blossom.




2 thoughts on “Kenzo Flower L’Elixir

    1. ok das eis musste ich jetzt mal googlen, das ging offenbar an mir vorbei XD
      wundert mich nicht, dass du nciht weißt, wie es weitergeht. wenn das beerige weg ist, ist der einfach nur mehr süß (vanille mit praline)


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