Christmas Wishlist TAG

Christmas Wishlist TAG


The rules for this tag:
1. write a post with at least 5 things you’d like to receive for Christmas (a book, a trip, a makeup product, whatever you wish) and mention the blog where this tag originated from – Mercury – and who tagged you, write what this tag is about and add the logo
2. tag other 10 blogs & let them know

Alright sweeties! I was tagged by the lovely blog a pound of luck. Thanks.

Let’s get into it.

  1. A bed

Or rather, an idea for a bed. I have a brand new place to furnish and while everything else is easy to find I have not been able to find a bed I like yet. I would appreciate your ideas. (pinterest links, esp)

2. A lipstick

Isn’t it sooo pretty? It’s Guerlain Rouge G in Merveilleux Rose *sigh* Actually, anything from Guerlain’s Holiday Collection would be neat. 🙂

3. Perfume

I really want a set of samples from Andy Tauer.

4. A good lamp

Now in winter taking pictures is pretty hard. A good lamp for steady lighting would be cool.

5. Time

Like, what the heck? I’m so behind on everything because there’s always something to do. I need more hours per day or longer weekends or something. 😐

I tag:

everyone who read this. Come one, guys I want to see your wishlists!


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