Calvin Klein Eternity Now

Calvin Klein Eternity Now

Calvin Klein Eternity Now

Eternity Now EdP by Calvin Klein is the newest Flanker to their best seller Eternity.

It starts with a refreshing note, something fruity. Research shows me it’s supposed to be lychee and quince (thanks dicitionary). It’s slightly sour, but luckily it doesn’t stay sour. After that I get some light flowers. The perfume always stays very close to the skin and an hour in I can barely smell it anymore (for all my testing days I apply only one spritz, but this perfume could easily take three or more). But it is still there when I press my nose to my wrist, soft and refreshing. It stays like that for hours on end, and I thought the promised cashmere wouldn’t come anymore.

However the soft basenotes of cashmere and a little musk and ambroxan do come, but very late. Like, six hours or seven after application. Like the rest of the perfume, they are very soft and close to the skin.

CK Eternity Now

Overall I find this to be an easily enjoyable experience, if very subtle. I think this might be a good present for the lady who isn’t a collector and only expects her perfume to be nice and not an adventure.

2 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Eternity Now

  1. Muss ich demnächst mal dran schnuppern, bis jetzt gefallen mir so einige CK Düfte (ok, bis auf das “Reveal”, das war etwas seltsam). Wie riecht denn das normale “Eternity”?
    Hab heute mal das “In2U for her” auf die Hand gesprüht, das roch echt schön frisch jedoch nicht stechend, wenn auch eher schwach weil EdT 🙂

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