Jil Sander Strictly

Jil Sander Strictly

Welcome to Fragrance Friday! 😀

Jil Sander Strictly

Today I’m talking about the newest release from Jil Sander, Strictly EdT. This is the men’s perfume to go with Simply, which I already reviewed (click) and liked very much. So I was looking forward to testing Strictly and I was not disappointed.

Jil Sander Strictly2

Strictly starts very peppery and that pepper opening lasts almost an hour. After the first shock wears off (about five minutes in) the other notes start coming through. There is nutmeg and vetiver, but both are gentle. They don’t dominate the scent. And then there’s also a note of rum. Rum is sort of sweet, but in a warm and cozy way. In the base we also get tonka bean, but again this is never overly sweet, only a little cozy. At the same time, the scent is always spicy and a bit woodsy.

Longevity is great. We’re down to the base in about four hours and then it lasts all day and the night, too. Spray it on your scarf; it might just last the whole winter.

I think this is a great scent for men (and of course everyone else who wants to wear it) and such a nice reprieve from all the aquatic shower gel scents that get sold in the men’s section. I’m not sure if I will ever ‘get’ the shower gel scents.

Recommendation for everyone who likes spice!


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