Miu Miu EdP

Miu Miu EdP

Hello Beauties!

Today I’ll be talking about a new perfume. Did you notice I do a lot of perfume reviews on Fridays? I don’t do it on purpose, but I guess it sounds good: Fragrance Friday! 😀

Miu Miu

Today’s sample is the first fragrance by Prada’s little sister brand Miu Miu. It’s simply called Miu Miu EdP and you probably saw the ads with the cute kitten.

Miu Miu is a fresh scent, a light flowery one. I can’t pick out particular notes, it’s just fresh greens and flowery. Maybe there’s jasmin in it, but not much. On my skin it turns a little sour, but on clothes it’s okay. It’s a matter of skin chemistry I think.

It’s cute and fresh and only a little sweet, very spring-y if you ask me. It doesn’t feel very special. I am sure there are many similar perfumes. The scent stays close to the skin and it holds strong for about three hours. Then it fades, but is still there six hours later. Just very close to the skin.

Miu Miu EdP

In a nuthshell: cute, but ultimately forgettable.


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