Kiko Moon Shadow and Cream Radiance Highlighter

Kiko Moon Shadow and Cream Radiance Highlighter

Hello everybody!

I am finally getting around to reviewing the items from my last haul, yay. My life has been crazy the past month. I got a new job in a different state, so I had to move and everything is still chaos. Except I put all the chaos in boxes, so it’s mostly boxes with hidden chaos, only some boxes are actually really neat. So it’s Schrödinger’s boxes, you never know if you get a neat one or a chaotic one until you open it! Uhm. Also, my new place isn’t ready for moving in yet, so I’m crashing at my mum’s. With my boxes. 😀

Kiko Moon Shadow

I mentioned in my haul post that Kiko has these absolutely lovely collections out atm. The two items here are both from the limited Midnight Siren Collection, which is mostly dark colors and highlighters. This eyeshadow stick up there is the Moon Shadow stick in 01 Glamour Gold. It looks completely white in the pic, but that’s because of the light. It’s really white gold with multi-colored shimmer. And if you looked at the pic and thought “that’s Chanel” yeah… it’s Kiko. But it does look absolutely identical to the Chanel eyeshadow stick packaging. It also feels the same (the cooling effect) and basically, apart from the colors (there are no Chanel dupes among the colors) they are identical. Same amazing quality, just much cheaper. LOVE!

Kiko Cream Radiance Highlighter

And this baby here is the Cream Radiance Highlighter in 01 Twilight Gold. The color in this pic also pulls a little too white, the highlighter is a cold golden color. The packaging is a pretty little sphere with a mirror on the inside. I thought the product was a cream, but it really feels like a mousse.

Kiko Highlighter

Swatches in the shade. On top is the highlighter, and underneath the eye shadow. They are pretty close, but the highlighter is alittle more yellow and the eyeshadow has more sparkle. This makes sense since you wouldn’t want that much sparkle on your cheeks, but it’s okay on the eyelids.

Kiko Midnight

Same swatches in direct sunlight. Soooo pretty. Here you can also see that the highlighter gets sheer on the corners, so you can easily blend it out while the eyeshadow has more pigment to it.

I love both of these, they are so glamorous. Application is easy. I apply the highlighter with my finger, the shadow directly from the stick (cooling effect yay) and then blend it with my finger. It sets quickly and stays well. To ground the pale shimmer I pair it with a matte taupe in the crease, a little bit of liner and the look is done! Might wear this for the holidays.

I can recommend both products. And if white gold isn’t your color, they offer darker ones, too. 🙂


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