MAC Viva Glam I

MAC Viva Glam I

MAC Viva Glam I

This baby here is MAC Viva Glam I (matte). It’s a strong dark red which seems to have a brown undertone in the bullet. This is the reason why I had no interest in it for the longest time. But then I swatched it on the counter and was head over heels.

MAC Viva Glam I Swtach Shade

Applied the color is more a rich burgundy. This is a single swipe, photographed in the shade.

MAC Viva Glam I Swatch

Same swatch in direct sunlight.

Not only is the color amazing, this is also among the best lipsticks I own. The lasting power is unparalleled; I can eat dinner without having to reapply. Of course, this is a matte finish by MAC, so I do not recommend putting this on dry lips.

This lipstick can be used on its own, without a liner. In this case It pulls a little lighter on me. For bringing out the brown undertones and to achieve a typical nineties lip, I use this with Half-Red liner.

As I wrote in this post, the perfect color match for this lipstick is He Said, She Said.

MAC swatch shade

Here are He Said, She Said and Viva Glam I in the shade.

MAC swatch sun

Same swatch in the sun.

So, while the colors are identical, the result on the lip is different than wearing Viva Glam I alone. If the whole lip is drawn in with the liner first, the resulting color is more intense and redder than wearing only the lipstick (at least on me, because the lipstick on its own is influenced by my lip color). If the liner is used only to contour, this will not happen.

Viva Glam I is a total must have if you ask me. It’s a great long lasting red that can be worn many ways. Viva Glam I is permanent in the MAC lineup and every cent of the purchase goes to charity.


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