MAC Matte Royal

MAC Matte Royal

Today I have an unusual lipstick for you:

MAC Matte Royal

It’s MAC‘s Matte Royal (matte), released with the Matte Lip Collection and now permanent. And it’s blue.

MAC Matte Royal Swatch

Swatch. The color is well pigmented and applies true to color on my lips. I found it easy to apply directly from the stick and it doesn’t really need a liner (in this case you would be using an eyeliner. I think the MAC Chromagraphic in Marine Ultra would do too but I don’t have it.) It does not bleed (matte finish after all) and thankfully, it does not leave a stain either (that woud look weird). It lasts well enough but it does not really survive a meal. It’s not the sort of color you’d wear to a dinner date, anyway. Still, this is a high quality lipstick in blue and in the regular lineup, which I think is great and everyone should buy it so it stays! Great color for cosplayers etc. Recommendation!

I found it to be surprisingly wearable, too. Sure it’s blue, but dark blue and almost less in your face than dark plum or bright purple would be. I love wearing this and I wish people would be more adventurous with their lip colors.


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