essence liquid lipstick in show off

essence liquid lipstick in show off

essence liquid lipstick

The items on essence and Catrice counters change so fast I can’t keep up with them and so I usually don’t buy much. But when I found liquid lipsticks at the essence counter I decided to try one. The color is 04 show off!

essence liquid show off swatch

Swatch. This is a single swipe. Very pretty strawberry red color. The product has a strong vanilla smell.

Show off! is one of those liquid lipsticks that applies glossy and stays glossy. It is pigmented and applies a little thick. I found it sticky on the lips. The problem with this one is that after a while it starts moving around. I didn’t like the look of the gloss after half an hour. However, it also left a stain. A really strong stain, too. I had real trouble getting it off.

So, this essence liquid lipstick is for those who want a glossy stain that is dirt cheap. Those who are used to more expensive makeup will probably not be happy with it (since it moves around) but those aren’t the target group of essence anyway.

In all honesty, I am currently moving house and this liquid lipstick will not be coming along with me.

2 thoughts on “essence liquid lipstick in show off

    1. die farbe ist prima und der stain auch brauchbar. aber gerade das glossige ist halt nicht so der burner – rutscht runter und schaut deshalb auch über lippie nicht gut aus. aber ich ziehe ja gerade um und muss sowieso aussortieren. 😉


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