Fall Haul

Fall Haul

So, the story is as such: I had put money aside to splurge on the Chanel Fall Collection because it looked so good and I wanted a number of pieces. Then August came and the Collection didn’t. And then September and still nothing. Finally I asked and got the info that Chanel wants to release everything here later from now on ‘because the customers want it’. Apparently people don’t want to buy Fall Collections in August. The collection won’t release until October – when all other brands already have their Holiday Collections out.

Well, eff that. I’m not buying my stuff three months after the rest of the world. So I spent the money on some other awesome stuff:


From Smashbox: Double Exposure Palette and cream eyeshadow in Stone

From Essie: Over the Knee and It’s Genius

And lastly, Kiko currently has two really cool LE out: Midnight Siren and Rebel Romantic. I picked up the Cream Radiance Highlighter and a Moon Shadow from Midnight Siren and a Contouring Pencil Set, Liquid Intense eyeliner and a Color Definition kajal (that one was a freebie) from the Rebel Romantic Collection.


Reviews will come up when I had enough time to try the pieces. I already started wearing the Double Exposure and like it. 🙂

Do you have any recent purchases? Which Fall Collection do you dig?


9 thoughts on “Fall Haul

    1. thanks 🙂 Kiko is a really great brand, sadly not easily available everywhere. Lots of people buy it when they are on vacation. I’m currently moving states, so I am going from having a store next door to no store and this was sorta my good-bye haul. ;(
      these are my first smashbox shadows and so far I really like them.

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