Rituals La Vie En Rose Smooth Coral lip gloss

Rituals La Vie En Rose Smooth Coral lip gloss

Rituals Gloss

Let’s stay on the topic of lip gloss. Isn’t this packaging super cute? This is the La Vie en Rose gloss in Fresh Coral by Rituals…

Rituals Gloss 2

And this is what the tube looks like.

Rituals Gloss 3

It’s one of those squeeze tube lip glosses. That makes it less directional than the kind with seperate applicator but in this case it’s okay. The color is on the sheer side so mistakes aren’t that visible. 😉 I also sometimes use my finger to apply instead, but then you’ve got a sticky finger and gloss is annoying to wash off.

Rituals Gloss 4

Swatch. Fresh Coral is exactly what it claims: a fresh coral. The color gets sheer when applied, so your lip color will shine through. There is golden shimmer in the gloss, which is visible on the lips.

This gloss is a cross between makeup and skin care; there are a few nourishing oils in it. It feels a little sticky on the lips. Lasting power is normal for a gloss: two hours tops. It smells fruity, like grapefruit candy. I highly prefer my glosses scentless. Apart from the smell I think this is a really good gloss; good glossy finish and a slight hint of color.

I wore it a lot this summer. It goes so well with coral clothes and bronzer.

This was my first ever Rituals product. Do you have anything from Rituals?


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