MAC Casual Color Secret Admirer

MAC Casual Color Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer

This is the MAC Causal Color in Secret Admirer. It was included in the Red Red Red Collection at the beginning of this year. I love the Casual Colors for the ease of application to cheeks. They are easy to blend with either fingers or a brush. They can also be applied to the lips, also with either fingers or a brush. Sometime ago MAC changed the packaging. Now they look like in this pic. Before they had a screw-on lid. When they changed the packaging, they also made the product more expensive and put a lot less product in. 😐 Like, seriously, a LOT less. Now on one hand, how often have I ever used up a cream blush? So I’m okay with having less product in, but the combination of less product for more money is just not cool. So, long story short, I bought this one but I’m not sure how many more I’ll buy in the future.

Secret Admirer Swatch

Swatches. First I made a singly finger swipe (top) then I tried to show how it looked like blended out. But I may have blended too much for the camera… can you see the pinky part going over most of my arm down there? 😐 Sorry, guys I tried but I guess I should have blended less.

So what I am trying to say the raspberry red color can be worn as strong or as sheer as wanted. It never gets completely matte, which I like. On the cheeks it lasts all day for me. On the lips it’s more like a balm (with strong color) by which I mean it doesn’t last that long on the lips, maybe two hours but leaves a very slight stain.

I like using these combination products when travelling (for less packing), otherwise I prefer a regular lipstick and only use the Casual Color for cheeks.

My favorite ways to apply are in order of preferance: MAC 188 brush, Zoeva Petite Stippling brush, fingers. For lips: fingers, any lip brush.

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