Chanel La Flamboyante

Chanel La Flamboyante

In which I am a clearance sale victim:

La Flamboyante

This red beauty here is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 337 La Flamboyante. This lipstick was included in the Holiday 2014 Collection and while I liked it lots I decided to not buy it back then. I told myself, you already have La Malicieuse, you don’t need this one too. And that worked until I saw La Flamboyante on sale six months later…

Malicieuse Flamboyante

Comparison pic: top is La Malicieuse, bottom La Flamboyante. This pic is a little too light, both lipsticks are clearly bright red, but with pink leanings.

Swatch Chanel reds

Swatches: again top is La Malicieuse, bottom La Flamboyante. The latter is stronger/more opaque and slightly less pink. Still, they are very similar.

Quality is the usual Rouge Allure Velvet quality: long lasting and silky on lips. Not as drying as a MAC matte.

Chanel La Flamboyante

Lip swatch of La Flamboyante.

Since it was LE, this lipstick is not widely available anymore, but you might find it here or there.


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