MAC Heroine

MAC Heroine

Hello everybody! I promise this blog is not dead, but we’re having a terrible heat wave and I find it hard to formulate sentences. So I can’t say when I’ll be back for regular posts, but today I have a famous MAC lippie for you: Heroine!


Heroine (matte) is a straight up purple, but maybe a tad less blue than it looks here. It used to be LE, then it was added to the regular line. Then it was included in the Matte Lip Collection, but all lipsticks in that one are now permanent, too.

Heroine Swatches

Swatch of Heroine (lipstick) and underneath Heroine (lip liner). They are not identical, to my surprise. The liner pulls more reddish. Still, on the lips I can’t tell the difference. They are close enough for my taste. However, if you wish to get Heroine more blue-toned, you should get a liner with more blue in.

Heroine Comparisons

Then I put on the purple Astor lip color butter, and the sheer Kiko lipstick. I still think Kiko has the same color as the Heroine lipstick, but as you can see, sheer and shiny. I could also layer it on top of Heroine if I wanted to change the matte finish. 🙂

The true beauty of Heroine, apart from the color, is the wear. I once asked someone at a MAC store at seven or eight pm what lipstick they were wearing and they said ‘Heroine, but I applied it in the morning and had no time to reapply; it probably looks horrible!’ and I found myself thinking, no it looks amazing. Purple is farther from a natural lip color than a pink lippie. So when it wears off, it can look patchy. But firstly Heroine doesn’t wear off for quite a while. I get five hours of almost spotless wear time, including a meal. And then it wears off, and this is when the magic happens for me. When it wears off, it looks even better? In a cyber punk sort of way? It wears off evenly for me (win!) and the fading makes it look so effortlessly. What do you mean I wear a weird lipstick color? I was born this way! 😉

I don’t know if I’m making any sense (sorry), but gosh darn, do I love this lipstick, even if I’m late to the hype party.

Take care y’all and don’t forget the sun protection!


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        1. well I think everybody should wear whatever they want to work I’m not much for clothing rules etc at all. That said I think it’s best you let them apply it on you before you buy it just to be sure?

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