MAC Pink Pigeon

MAC Pink Pigeon

Hello everybody! I am back from my short hiatus and back to regular posts. 😀

I heard rumours that MAC lipsticks were going to get more expensive here in Austria again, so I stocked up and there will be a few more lipstick reviews upcoming.

Pink Pigeon

This one here is a vibrant pink with a matte finish, Pink Pigeon. I love bright pinks and I love mattes so it was on my wish list for a while.

Of course, I have more than one matte pink so here come the comparison swatches:

Pink Pigeon Comparisons

Right on top the more blueish Candy Yum Yum, in the middle Pink Pigeon and bottom is Silly. Pink Pigeon is darker than the other two and straight up magenta.

There are several liners that can be used with it. Chick Trick is almost the same color as Pink Pigeon, but a little more yellow. The Candy Yum Yum liner might also work, but would pull the whole thing more blue. The absolutely perfect liner for Pink Pigeon is the Chromagraphic Pencil in Process Magenta. If you ever found yourself thinking, man, a lipstick in Process Magenta is what I need, Pink Pigeon is your lipstick!

I don’t have a comparison swatch to VG Miley I, but that one is Amplified finish and more yellow.

Wear time is very good. In my experience shades of magenta are the longest lasting lipsticks of all. Since it’s matte it mostly surives a meal too (especially when worn with liner) and later wears down to a stain. To keep the lips from getting too dry a primer is useful.

Pink Pigeon can be found in the regular lineup of MAC lipsticks.


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