Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter Matte

I was a big fan of the Astor Lipcolor Butters, those sheer, balmy colors. Yet, when the the mattes were released I was not interested. I already liked mattes just fine, but the colors didn’t speak to me. Well, this year I revised my opinion of how certain colors look on me and started wearing lots of colors I wouldn’t have worn just last year.

Astor Lipcolor Butter Matte

And so, when there was a good deal at the drugstore I took home not one, but three. I am insatiable.

Astor Lipcolor Butter Matte2

Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter matte, colors are from top to bottom: 023 Vivid Divine, 025 Cheeky Girl, 026 Royal Diva.

Astor Matte swatch shade

Swatches in the shade. All colors are matte and pigmented. Same order as before, Vivid Divine is bright pink, but with a sort of dusky yellow undertone; Cheeky Girl is a bright orangey red; Royal Diva is plum. You see it in the swatch, Royal Diva doesn’t apply quite as smooth as the other two, but it’s still easy to work it into the lips.

Astor Matte swatch light

Same swatches in the light. Cheeky Girl is really bright. Vivid Divine might look like a regular pink, but I have nothing like it in my stash.

All of these are easy to apply, smooth and matte. They last very long, especially the pink one. The darkest color wears off the most visible, but still only on the inside of the lips after a meal, and not too bad. For mattes these are almost silky and they are less drying than my MAC mattes. The packaging claims these are color and lipbalm in one; I wouldn’t quite go so far. At the end of the day a matte is a matte. Also at the end of the day, you’ll need a lot of makeup remover to get them off again, because not only are they super long lasting, they stain like crazy too.

vivid divine

Lip swatch of Vivid Divine. Sadly blurry. Sorry. 😦

Astor Matte Cheeky Girl

Lip swatch of Cheeky Girl.

Long story short, I am super in love with these right now. Not long ago I wouldn’t have worn a yellow toned red, but with Cheeky Girl I can see why everyone loves the color so much; it really looks like a million bucks.


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