MAC Viva Glam II

MAC Viva Glam II

To be quite honest for the longest time I didn’t realize MAC had permanent Viva Glam lipsticks. I only ever saw the limited versions with the celebrities. Well I know better now and have discovered a great nude lippie along the line.

MAC Viva Glam II

The Viva Glams are numbered I-VI. The one here is Viva Glam II (satin), a creamy nude shade.

Viva Glam Swatch

Swatch. Viva Glam II is a brownish nude with only the slightest bit of pink undertone, no shimmer at all. The finish is satin and opaque. It might look matte here in this swatch, but it is not matte, always stays a little creamy.

Lasting power is not as good as a matte, I get about 3 hours of compact wear out of it, maybe four with a liner. I have several lines that go with it, the only MAC one I use with it is Rosy Rim. Rosy Rim is lighter and pinker than Viva Glam II. The combination creates my perfect nude. Viva Glam II on its own is a little too brown for me. In general this is a really great color for a nude lip, not too light, not too dark, not too brown or pink. I think it works for a great number of skintones.

Even if the wear time isn’t that great, it’s not a problem because of the natural color; you can’t really tell it’s wearing off. This is a huge problem for me with very light colors (when my natural lip color starts showing through) but with this one I need not worry, it all works out. 🙂

In a nutshell: yes, please and thank you.

In addition to being an awesome lipstick, 100% of the price go to AIDS charity. I may have to take a closer look at the other five…


4 thoughts on “MAC Viva Glam II

  1. It seems nice.
    I’ve always liked Viva Glam II’s color, but I have a fear for matte and satin lipstick finishes. Sometimes they tend to be dry on the lips.
    I only have Viva Glam V (from the permanent Viva Glam line) which is supposedly universally flattering and also Lustre that happens to be my favorite MAC lipstick finish.

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    1. Viva Glam V is so on my list. 🙂
      The lipsticks are drying, no doubt. Here’s the trick: a lip primer locks moisture in by way of occlusion and so the lipstick doesn’t get directly on the skin.


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