MAC Lipliner Chick Trick and Fruit Cocktail

MAC Lipliner Chick Trick and Fruit Cocktail

I had a bit of a lip liner craze this spring… these are the last two I bought a couple weeks ago.

Chic Trick Fruit Cocktail

These are MAC Chick Trick and Fruit Cocktail.


I was so eager to use them that I didn’t manage to snap pics before I used them, whoopsie. (Usually I take the pics right after the purchase, then test things out and then I write about them. With these I got home and was like ‘must use on lips nao!’)

Swatch CT FC

Swatches, I apologize for switching the order around. On top you see Fruit Cocktail, on bottom Chick Trick.

Fruit Cocktail is a soft orange/coral, not quite as neon orange as Morange (but it works very well with Morange). In this swatch it looks a tad darker than it is. It is creamy and strongly pigmented. It helps creamy lipsticks to stay on better. It goes with pretty much every lipstick that has orange tones. It’s not so easy to find orangey liners, so I am glad I found this one.

Chick Trick is a yellow toned strong pink. It is harder than Fruit Cocktail; you can see in the swatch that it doesn’t apply as smoothly. However, I didn’t have any application problems on my lips. Chick Trick is the liner I use when I want something without any blue undertones. It goes perfectly with Viva Glam Miley Cyrus, although the color gets almost scarily intense that way. It can also be used with corals to pull them more pink. I have also used it with Morange, it ends up a lovely coral that way.

MAC lip liners are so far my absolute favs because no matter how long I wear them they do not crawl into fine lines. Generally I apply lip liner all over the lips. It helps me find the right outline and it helps the lipstick to stick on. Lip liners are drying though, so a base is important.



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