Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

Cavalli Paradiso

This pretty little bottle is the newest perfume release from Roberto Cavalli, Paradiso EdP.

Both the name and the ad hint at it being a tropical, summery perfume. I would categorize it into the group of ‘suntan lotion perfume’. You know, a little sweet and tropical and, well, sun cream. A little plasticky. I admit that suntan lotion perfumes are my guilty pleasure. They bypass all logical thinking and lead me right into the vacation mindset.

Cavalli Paradiso2

Just look at the colors of the packaging! Doesn’t it scream vacation? The perfumer is Louise Turner, the bottle design is by Roberto Cavalli’s wife Eva Duringer. Also, a weird detail to notice but I love the writing font and that it’s all lower case.

Ahem, anyway. It starts with citrus notes, but immediately the flower comes into play. If you asked me to make a suntan lotion perfume I’d pull out the tiaré and probably end up smelling like every other perfume out there. Paradiso instead goes for jasmin and is better for it. Paradiso is jasmin combined with fresh notes – citrus and greens.

And then we get to the dry down, the base, and it’s all green. Dark green, cypress and pine. This is good, but you need to be in the mood for it. My recommendation is to not buy it based on the opening! If you do you might be disappointed, because the sharp base is what sticks around for the longest! Basically Paradiso starts out warm and turns cool later, which is weird but also fascinating.

While usually I love woody bases and such – for my guilty pleasure suntan lotion perfume I personally prefer it to stay sweet and creamy.

I recommend Paradiso for: those who like jasmine with a strong dose of pine. (Interesting enough, others seem to experience it completely differently, so it’s worth trying it simply to see/smell what you get out of it.)


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