Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cologne

L'Homme Ideal Cologne

Last year Guerlain released a new male perfume, L’Homme Ideal. It was a male perfume with a sweeter core. I liked it and it must have sold well enough, because this year we get L’Homme Ideal Cologne.

L’Homme Ideal (from now on LHI) came in EdT concentration. LHI Cologne is NOT the same perfume in lower concentration, which would be EdC; it is a lighter flanker that comes as EdT. A little complicated, but you know, perfumes and flankers and names. What can you do.

The notes of LHI Cologne are named as Citrus, green almond, musky and woody. That’s pretty basic, but it comes down into a lovely composition. It’s supposed to be a light, summery perfume, and it is. I get a lot of bergamot, but lightened with some other citrus oil. I’m not sure if I could pick out the almonds if I wasn’t expecting them, but there is something only a little sweet. The drydown is a lot less intense than in LHI, which is the point. I can pick out vetiver, but it’s not incredibly strong.

Honestly, if you made me blind sniff it, I don’t think I’d have said “this is clearly related to LHI” but I would have liked it anyway. A recommendation for everyone who wants a cooling summer perfume and is okay with the smell of bergamot and vetiver.

L'Homme Ideal Cologne2


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