MAC Lip Liner Rosy Rim and Ruby Woo

MAC Lip Liner Rosy Rim and Ruby Woo

I continue my love affair wih liners by further going through MAC‘s liner lineup. They have recently expanded their range with new liners, including matching liners to Candy Yum Yum and Heroine, which I already showed you here. There’s also one for the iconic Ruby Woo. To be honest, I don’t have the Ruby Woo lipstick (yet). But I figured the liner would be a good investition regardless. Then I also picked up Rosy Rim, a soft nude-ish pink.

Lip Pencils

top Rosy Rim, bottom Ruby Woo.

Rosy Rim Ruby Woo

On to swatches:

Swatch Rosy Rim

First some squiggly lines. Again, top is Rosy Rim and bottom Ruby Woo.

Rosy Rim is about the lightest I’m usually willing to go on my lips. MAC has lots of liners and lipsticks that are paler than this, but Rosy Rim is my perfect ‘light, but not too light’ color. I use it alone or with lipsticks of all sorts of colors. Rosy Rim can calm down a crazy color (like Morange) or be paired with a nude. Since Rosy Rim has peachy undertones it goes best with lipsticks that also have a peachy side.

Ruby Woo is a slightly blue-toned red. It has less blue tones than my other red liners; I bought it to pair it with the more neutral reds. I admit I had hoped it would match perfectly to L’Oreal Liya, but while I can totally wear them together, they don’t match exactly. So, sadly Liya is not a dupe for the Ruby Woo lipstick! (Ruby Woo having more blue than Liya, which seems to be a true red.)

More swatches:

Liner Swatches Ruby Woo

Left is Rosy Rim again, however the swatch above is much more true to color. The reds must have influenced the contrast. Then Ruby Woo, and next to Ruby Woo is MAC Pro Longwear lip pencil Trust in Red. You can see Trust has more blue tones than Ruby Woo, even if Ruby Woo is still on the blue red side. Depending on the light (and the lipstick it’s paired with) Trust in Red is more or less raspberry red.

I love the regular MAC lip liners, they are long lasting and don’t bleed. They do help the lipstick stay and I have found that application of a strong color is simply less messy if I color in with a liner first. I always use liner on the whole lip.

Rosy Rim and Ruby Woo can be found in the regular MAC lineup; they are not limited. They may be out of stock (I’ve wanted Ruby Woo ever since they came out and only got one now) but they’ll be restocked!

Next I want Chick Trick and Fruit Cocktail, and maybe Soar. Honestly I could just take the whole lineup.


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