Burberry Brit Rhythm

Burberry Brit Rhythm


Burberry Brit Rhythm EdT is the 2014 flanker to Brit. Don’t get confused, the 2015 flanker is named Rhythm Floral, but smells completely different!

Brit Rhythm is a somewhat sharp floral. It’s a lavender perfume. The lavender isn’t super strong, but when you know it’s there, you can detect it. There’s also pink pepper in. The opening (lavender, pepper) lasts longer than the opening of perfumes with citrus. I get an hour of it. Later it is softer, more flowery. I can’t detect any certain flowers though. The drydown is a little woodsy, a little musky.

All in all, the perfume reminds me of unworn clothes. You know, my mum used to dry lavender and make sachets and put these in our wooden drawers. Clothes that were in there for a long time smelled of the wood and the lavender, but also a little bit of laundry detergent, because these were clean clothes, not worn ones. That’s pretty much what Brit Rhythm smells like; that white, lacey blouse you got as a hand me down, but rarely wear.

The perfume doesn’t have much sillage and it lasts about three to five hours.


List of ingredients. Click to enlarge pic.

Perfumers are Nathalie Gracia-Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu.


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