Lush and MAC Haul + Highlight Powder Freshen Up

Lush and MAC Haul + Highlight Powder Freshen Up

I’m not a bath bomb sort of person, so I have never been to Lush before.

Haul Lush MAC

But as I passed the store I figured I could take a sniff. I bought the two items that smelled best to me, Lemony Flutter hand and cuticle balm, and Bubblegum lip scrub. I also got a sample of Helping Hands, which was genius; you know how much hand cream I use. Two days later I’m already a big fan of Lemony Flutter. It’s so rich and smells so nice. Although this is the sort of smell not everybody likes. Bubblegum smells good and tastes good. I’m not sure how useful a sugar scrub really is; maybe it does more damage than good?

Afterwards I slipped and fell into the MAC store again. xc

MAC Haul

I picked up an eyebrow pencil (Lingering, permanent), a lipstick (Morange, also permanent but here with special design) and a Casual Color (Secret Admirer, part of the past Red Red Red LE). I’ll put up swatches of these later, for now I’d like to show you a cheek swatch of the Highlight Powder, Freshen Up. I didn’t buy it, but the MACisto insisted I let him put it on me.

Highlight Powder Freshen Up

I didn’t get to make pictures until I was home, so this is hours later. Freshen Up is called a highlighter, but it’s really a blush. It goes on mostly orange with golden undertone. There’s not a whole lot of shimmer in it, which is something I’d have expected from a highlight powder. The bronzers in this collection are a lot more shimmery. Freshen Up consists of three colors, a light gold, orange and corally red, but since orange is the biggest part, usually you’ll end up with orange.

I think it looks like a slightly more golden version of my Crazy Terracotta Bronzer, so I don’t feel the need to have both. If you’re wanting for something orange, check this one out. But you need to be quick; it’s LE and selling fast!


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