Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Swatches

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Swatches

Maybelline gel liner ultra violet

I have three gel liners from Maybelline. They come packaged like this and include the pot of liner plus a brush. The brush is a real champion. Whenever I want to apply gel liner I find myself looking for the Maybelline brush, even though I have others.

Maybelline gel liner brush

This is what the brush looks like. It has a thin side and a flat side. Once I got the hang of that it helped me a lot in getting the liner where I want it.


Apart from the 10 Ultra Violet pictured above, I have the 02 Brown pictured here (ignore the nail polish, haha). And then I also have a color that doesn’t seem to be available anymore; 06 Black Pink Diamonds. I don’t own the plain black one since I have MAC Blacktrack and I really don’t need any other.


The pot and the brush with brush guard; I keep losing the brush guards.


This is what Brown looks like in direct sunlight. There is shimmer in the color.

Maybelline Gel liner pots

And these are 10 Ultra Violet and 06 Black Pink Diamonds. Yes, I took the pics on different days, hence the changing background. But please bear with me; I think a combined post makes more sense. I bought Brown and Ultra Violet sometimes this year, Black Pink Diamonds is much older, two years I think?


Thinner and thicker swatches of Brown in direct sunlight so you can catch the shimmer. Brown goes on very creamy, it is easy to get a good line onto the eye. The color works sooo well with blue eyes, huge recommendation on the color. Every time I wear it I wonder why I even bother with black.

Maybelline Gel liner swatches

Swatches of Ultra Violet and Black Pink Diamonds, first with the brush, then with finger. As always, gel liners can be used all over the lid (blend really fast). Gel liners tend to really stick and not crease, so for a while I preferred them to normal cream shadows.

Both colors are not quite as creamy as Brown, but in the brush swatch you can see it’s a lot easier to get a smooth line with Pink Diamonds; Ultra Violet is very dry; it goes on uneven and crumbly. Ultra Violet is also the only color without shimmer. I do not know if there is a connection, or if it is the color, or if I simply happened to get a bad one. I really dislike using Ultra Violat as a liner, it’s easier to apply all over the lid.

Pink Diamonds on the other hand is easy to get on, even though it is pretty old by now (my oldest gel liner, in fact). It’s a as good as new, no changes in texture or whatever.

Wear time on all of these is good, although sometimes a part of the line can crumble off after many hours of wear. My MAC gel liners last better; but the Maybelline ones are still very good. And the best reason to buy it is the brush if you ask me. It’s cheaper to buy a gel liner from Maybelline than to buy a good high end liner brush!


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