MAC Brow Set Beguile

MAC Brow Set Beguile

I feel like I’m posting a lot of MAC lately, but it just happens that a lot of my basics are from them. The one I’m showing today, the Brow Set in Beguile is a regular, non limited item and I’ve had it for a couple months now. The newest MAC LE, Wash & Dry also includes several brow gels, but as far as I know Beguile is not part of the Collection. (However, stores might just put up all the brow gels on the display anyway. What I mean to say, Beguile = not limited.)

MAC brow set beguile

Here’s what it looks like in the packaging. To be honest I think it looks pretty crazy because do you notice? It shimmers! Anyway, this is not waterproof, but I’ve had zero problems with staying power. It sticks until it gets removed and it doesn’t come down with sweat or rain either.

MAc brow set brush

This is what the brush looks like. It’s smaller than the brush of the alverde brow gel, but it’s still longer than the brushes on newer brow gels (like benefit or the MAC waterproof ones). I’d prefer it to be smaller, but I can live with it. The product on top has to be removed before application, or it’ll result in a mess. That seems wasteful, but like mascaras, these things don’t last forever anyway.

On to the color. So here’s the thing, me, not knowing there was going to be an upcoming LE with lots more brow colors, went to a MAC counter and asked for a colored brow gel. Somehow I had been fed up with my current powder/wax routine; I wanted a single step process. And the MACista was one that has successfully color matched me before; I trust her judgement. But brows always come with surprises. A color that looked super ashy and that we both thought would be perfect turned out incredibly red when applied to my brows! So weird. And when she came up with this one I was like ‘but it is a bronze shimmer!!!’ inside but I let her try and – oh wonder, in the mirror I suddenly looked like Cara Delevigne! No bronze, no shimmer, an ashy brown.

So what I learned is always try out a brow color before buying and in different lights, too (in the store and out in the sunshine).

MAC beguile color swatch

Swatch. It’s a little clumsy, sorry about that. So here you can see the usual blonde hair growing on my arm, and then a swipe of Beguile. With a light touch, Beguile covers only the hair, a stronger touch colors the skin also. In this swatch I have not combed afterwards. On my brows I use a clean mascara wand to spread the product more evenly and take away excess.

Beguile is still shimmery, but when applied I only see it when I search for the shimmer in strong light. Otherwise it just looks dark. So weird. In my brows it has even less red than it has in the swatch.

Beguile is what I use most days, but it’s not for a subtle brow. The goal here is thick, dark brows, the way I love it at the moment. For subtle brows I’d either use nothing or a powder or a light pen. Funnily enough, I haven’t been plucking in almost a year, but I took some hairs away now, since the brow gel can sometimes catch on hair where it’s not supposed to go. XD


Wow, this was a long post, sorry. It’s just brows became really important the last couple of years and they can really pull a face together. Sometimes brow color is the only thing I apply! And a strong brow is the best partner for a strong lipstick in my books. Which brow products do you use? What is your brow aesthetic?


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