Silly (MAC is Beauty) vs Candy Yum Yum (+ some liners)

Silly (MAC is Beauty) vs Candy Yum Yum (+ some liners)

So I recently bought two MAC lipsticks that are somewhat close in color and finish, Silly (matte) and Candy Yum Yum (matte). I also got some liners, so here’s the swatch & review post. 🙂

MAC Silly vs Candy Yum Yum

The lipsticks: On top is Silly and underneath Candy Yum Yum. Candy Yum Yum leans more into blue than Silly. Both are bright neon pinks.

Silly is LE from the MAC is Beauty Collection. We all know how it is with limited MAC items, sometimes they are hard to get, sometimes it’s okay. The MAC is Beauty seemed pretty okay in that regard, except right when I placed my order Silly seemed to have sold out. So I got Candy Yum Yum as consolation, except then both orders went through. XD So I am glad they are different enough. Candy Yum Yum is a permanent item now, in theory you can buy it anytime. Except it is a well liked color and frequently sold out. But they always get it in stock again, so no worries.

Candy Yum Yum Silly

Swatches! I’m sorry for switching the order around, but on top you can see the blueish Candy Yum Yum and underneath Silly. Candy Yum Yum is not that dissimilar to Chanel La Diva, which was LE I think. La Diva is even bluer than Candy Yum Yum, but if you missed La Diva, this one is worth checking out.

Both lipsticks are matte finish, for MAC lipsticks this means they’re gonna last about forever, but they are drying and they will catch on any dry parts upon application. So preparation is key. I have found the MAC lip primer works well with matte lipsticks. When worn without primer, both have a tendency to crawl into fine lines, but because of the color it’s only noticable if you look very closely.

Freshly applied, both are very neon and sorta scary. The absolute beauty, I have found, lies in the wear. You know, I can eat and drink and they do wear down, but somehow they look even better when they’re a little lived in. They wear off evenly and so I don’t have to worry about looking stupid when going out for dinner and I don’t have to necessarily reapply either (although I probably will, on the inside, just to be sure XD).

So huge recommendation for both lipsticks for everyone who can deal with matte and neon. 😀

MAC Liner points

The liners! Does that pic make you feel like school, because it does for me!

MAC Liner

The first one isn’t really a lip liner, it’s a multi-purpose Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20. This was part of MAC is Beauty but Chromagraphic pencils are always available as PRO items (in PRO stores and MAC onlineshops). I so love the two I have, creamy to apply and super long lasting. So I decided to pick this one up, mostly for the waterline, but maybe also for spot concealing and to highlight the cupid’s bow.

The two lip pencils are Candy Yum Yum and Heroine. These pencils and some others were added to the regular lineup a while ago, these are new, but not limited.

MAC Liner Swatches

Squiggly liner swatches. You can see the Chromagraphic is a lot creamier and goes on thicker. Perfect for the waterline. The darker liner is the purple Heroine, the lighter one is the pink Candy Yum Yum.

Haul Swatches

Collective swatches in direct sunlight: NC15/NW20, Heroine, Candy Yum Yum pencils, Candy Yum Yum lipstick, Silly lipstick and then again Candy Yum Yum pencil and Heroine pencil. The Candy Yum Yums match up perfectly, but I think I can also use the pencil with Silly.

Of course you don’t really need a lip pencil with matte lipsticks, they don’t bleed and have great staying power on their own. But I always find it easier to apply lipsticks when I did liner first; I have more control of the look.

Finally, one more swatch:

Haul Swatches 2

The same swatches as before, Candy Yum Yum on top, then Silly and vertically I applied Viva Glam Miley Cyrus (amplified). In comparison you can see how matte the others are, but you can also see the color is not that far off from Silly. So if you wanted Silly and couldn’t get it, you can go for Miley, which should be available for a while.

And this was my swatch post for my recent haul! Thank you for reading; I hope it was helpful.


2 thoughts on “Silly (MAC is Beauty) vs Candy Yum Yum (+ some liners)

  1. I wish Mac would do something about their LE items. Some of them are fine, but others are sold out the minute they become available. It’s chaos trying to get one

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the very limited editions are particularly annoying which is why I don’t even try. Like Cinderella or Bao Bao Wan. Mac is beauty wasn’t so bad, it was easily available well over a week, it’s just I was buying when everyone else was buying, when we could get the 20% off xD. I checked yesterday and silly is still at the counters, even if it sold out online.


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