Maybelline Colorshow Bouquet

Maybelline Colorshow Bouquet


I put on a layer of Maybelline‘s 430 Bouquet as an accent nail atop of Essie‘s Stones n’Roses. I thought the colors would go well together. Bouquet is a glitter topper with medium sized and small white, pink and rose gold hex glitter in a clear base. The colors are so cute and would go with so many bases. However, application was difficult. I had to fish for pretty much every piece of glitter, which, considering that the glitter is not so big in the first place, is pretty annoying. Then I couldn’t drag it on, I had to pat it in places and it would still try to clump in one place! And then it dried to a matte finish, which made everything really patchy! So I slapped on glossy top coat (Essie Good to Go) and called it a day, which is why it doesn’t look very impressive up there. Sorry.

I am disappointed in this glitter, it is just as terrible as the L’Oreal glitter with exactly the same issues, except at least the L’Oreal glitter readily jumped onto the brush. If you want easy to apply glitter with good glitter payoff and shiny finish, look elsewhere (essence or OPI for example); the only reason to get this one is if you really want this exact color combination.


8 thoughts on “Maybelline Colorshow Bouquet

      1. That’s not good 😞 I did a post on Monday with my version and was out looking for inspiration for what to try it with next. That’s how I found your post. Let me know if you try again and how it turns out!
        Vanessa x

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