Kiko Lipstick Swatches

Kiko Lipstick Swatches

As promised, today I’ll show you my newest Kiko lip products. I got two new liners and four lipsticks.

Kiko Smart Liner

The liners are Smart lip pencils in 709 Magenta and 710 Rouge Noir. I’m on a liner trip and Magenta will go nice with my berries, while Rouge Noir will go with the very dark lippies.

Kiko lipsticks

The lipsticks are, from left to right: Smart Lipstick 923 Peony Purple, and three Luscious Cream Lipsticks in 522 Black Cherry, 524 Taupe and 500 Shell Rose. I almost picked up 523 Black as well, but I figured I can always get it later.

The smart lip pencil has a normal packaging, but the Luscious lipsticks come in a really annoying packaging where you have to push at the top first before you can pull it apart. Pushing at the top always feels like I’m breaking off my nail. 😦 (edit: actually broke my nail later on. only open this with knuckle!)

Kiko swatches

Swatch time. Lipsticks in the same order as above, first Peony Purple, which is a shiny sheer violet color. I checked it and colorwise it is a dupe for MAC Heroine, but Heroine is of course matte and opaque.

Underneath is Black Cherry, which is a dupe for MAC Cyber, both in color and in finish. (Pfft I had typed Smoked Purple first. But that one is matte. Both Black Cherry and Cyber are creamy!) Black Cherry is very creamy and very dark. It’s easy to accidentally end up looking like Marilyn Manson had slept with makeup on.

Then there’s Taupe, which is, well, taupe. It’s certainly a unique shade of lipstick to have. It ends up darker on the lips than in this swatch and very obviously grey, I feel very witchy wearing it.

Last is Shell Rose, a very pale nude. I think it’s an ultra sexy nude, but the color is very unforgiving of any redness in the face.

All lipsticks are creamy and as such not drying at all. (Although I gotta admit for the intense colors I would have preferred them to be matte.) They don’t have the lasting power of a matte, but they manage four hours even with drinking and small snacks. Not a full meal, though.

The squiggles underneath are the lip liner swatches. The darker one is Rouge Noir, which is still not all that dark if you ask me. And the inner squiggle is Magenta. I like the smart lip pencils, they are super cheap and very long lasting. I’m not 100% sure about the colors though. I meant to wear Rouge Noir with Black Cherry, but now I’m thinking I have to buy MAC’s Cyber World lip pencil after all.


Out of all these my biggest recommendation is the nude 500 Shell Rose. It wears well and is the most normal color out of these, haha. It goes so well with intense eye makeup. If you like Heroine but wish it was sheer, check out Peony Purple.


6 thoughts on “Kiko Lipstick Swatches

    1. it is gorgeous, but yes, it is also the sort of color where everything depends on skin color, undertone, natural lip color and the rest of the makeup, so not the easiest color to wear. 😉


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