Yearning for Spring: Prada Candy Florale

Yearning for Spring: Prada Candy Florale


Prada Candy Florale EdT is a flanker to Prada Candy. It’s the soft, summery version. It looks so happy and springlike I just had to wear it the last two weeks!


Luckily I have two samples so I can spray with abandon. 😉

While Candy Florale is sweet, it’s not the kind of gourmand sweetness that punches you in the face and rifles through your pockets. It is gentle, like a teeny tiny fairy fluttering through the air. I don’t think the sillage is very big, I barely notice I’m wearing it except when I move. Longevity is good, about 7 hours. The scent doesn’t really change much on me; the strongest part is there from the beginning, the sweet fresh limoncello. This doesn’t go away, luckily.

This makes it a perfect sweet perfume for hot temperatures, when you don’t want to choke everyone on your cotton candy. Or when you’re sitting there at the end of winter, desperately hoping for sunlight. Candy Florale is much like the early blooms, small and cute.


List of ingredients, click to enlarge.

Candy Florale was released 2014, perfumer is Daniela Andrier.


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