Pharrell Williams Girl

Pharrell Williams Girl

Last year Pharrell Williams released his first perfume in cooperation with Comme des Garcons. The perfume is called Girl, but it is a unisex scent. It comes in a big 100 ml bottle with the comicy design you’ve probably seen, and as a 10 ml bottle.


If you ask me 10 ml is the perfect bottle size! It gives me the actual chance of using something up. And I probably still won’t use it up, seeing as I keep on switching scents.


Yes, the bottle is very plain. I like it. I keep my bottles in the packaging anyway.


The packaging is a tad too big, though. This is the side view; I didn’t take a pic of the front.


Ingredients. Click to enlarge.

So what does it smell like?

Honestly it smells like a little bit of everything that is on the cool and powdery side. A bit of flowers (mostly Iris) a bit of wood (mostly vetiver, which I love), a bit spicy. If it didn’t say ‘for girls and boys’ I’d certainly think it a male perfume. Except such categories are completely pointless anyway, because yo wear what you like. I especially like wearing this to work, when sometimes the very sweet or strong flowers are overwhelming to me.

It gets a little sweet a couple hours in, though. Before that it has a bit of a medicinal touch. It’s certainly weird, but not weird enough for most Comme des Garcons lovers. For me, it’s about as far as I can go. I have “Comme des Garcons 2” but I never wear it. I’ll have to yet ease into it, and maybe Girl will help me there. But since it’s not weird enough for the perfumista crew and not easy enough for the mainstream I’m afraid it won’t exist for very long. It has only been released a few months ago and I’ve picked it up on sale at the beginning of 2015.

But, you know, for a celebrity perfume it’s not half bad. At least it doesn’t smell like everything else. (Dear men: please stop bathing in all that aquatic slush, at least apply much less! It’s driving me nuts.)

I will end my review with the Despicable Me Theme song which I feel goes way better with this perfume than the ubiquitous Happy. 🙂


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