Dior Nude Air

Dior Nude Air

Well, we’ve had exciting days on the internet, haven’t we? Is it black and blue or is it white and gold? I guess it shows why it’s always a good idea to cross-check color swatches. You wouldn’t want to order a white and gold looking eyeshadow duo only for it to end up a smoky navy and black! Anyway I promise the photos in this post are as color accurate as I could get them. 🙂

diorskin air

(picture: Dior)

Today I want to talk about Dior‘s new foundation: Nude Air. It’s a serum kind of foundation, lightweight and silky, like Armani’s Maestro (which I think was the first of that kind?). Similar to Armani, it also comes with a dropper.


I have got a cute little tester of the shade 10. I managed to snap a pic of it before I got it all messy. Because somehow the foundation inside was expanding and started to flow out of the container right after I took this pic. So my advice is, do not put your Nude Air into the sunlight, keep it cool. Despite that, I managed to get over two weeks worth of foundation out of it and I don’t think the foundation was damaged.

On to swatches:


Swatch of Nude Air 10. Honestly I’m in love with the color. Dior is quickly becoming my best bet of a color match. If this is gently blended out you can barely see it.


Color comparisons: Top still Nude Air 10, underneath Dior BB Creme 01, last is MAC Mineralize Compact NC 15. The BB is the pinkest of the bunch.

Despite how it might look in the swatch up there, the foundation does not have a dewy finish. I’d say it dries down to a semi-matte finish. Like probably most serum foundations, the oils evaporate quickly upon application, leaving only pigment behind. It’s a good idea to blend quickly, but I had no problem with streaks.

Because of the finish I didn’t need powder on top. Sometimes my nose would get shiny at midday, but not always. Of course, it is still winter here. I imagine powder might be needed in summer. I think this is a good one for normal to combination skin. I can’t promise it works for oily skin, but it’s totally worth a try. My skin became drier the longer I used it. The first few days it looked okay, then I noticed dry patches in the evening. It does not emphasize dry skin extremely (Armani, I’m looking at you) but it’s clearly visible. But not from the start; the first half of the day looked pretty flawless.

The coverage surprised me. I expected medium coverage, but it is medium to strong on me. Some days I didn’t even need concealer. However, this could be because I have a decant and the oils might evaporate faster than in the original bottle. (This is my general advice to get stronger coverage from a liquid: make a decant.) Still, you can get quite a bit of coverage from this.

Overall verdict: really good. Good coverage, weightless feel, some oil control properties, did not seem to emphasize wrinkles.

Downside: while there is a perfect match for me, there don’t seem to be a lot of shades.

Honestly if it wasn’t for my dry skin I’d have a fullsize of this faster than you can say “Dior”. I might still get it for summer, but right now the BB Creme is better for my skin.


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