models own Rocket

models own Rocket

This was my nail polish last week, for Carneval:


I am wearing base coat, one coat of Absolute Douglas Sophie, and then a thin coat of Models Own glitter polish in Rocket. At least I think it’s Rocket, the bottle doesn’t list the name. The polish has red bar glitter, orange hex glitter and small multicolor glitter. Depending on how much you have on the brush you can make a very thin coat like shown here, or a thick one. It is possible to get almost opaque with glitter only, but then you can’t tell the forms apart which is why I didn’t do it. There is no need to fish for glitter, it jumps on the brush readily; there is also no need to dab it on. If you do a normal stroke down the nail you’ll end up with quite a bit of glitter coverage. And if it’s not enough you can still go over and dab. My ring finger up there is a normal coat, and the pinky is what was left on the brush. Had I dipped it in again, there would be more. The glitter dries to a shiny finish, so I felt no need for an additional top coat.

All in all, the formula is very good and the bar glitter only stuck up a little in two places, the rest was pretty smooth. Removal is, as with all heavy glitter polishes, a piece of work.


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