Max Factor Excess Shimmer Copper and Crystal

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Copper and Crystal

I liked the two Excess Shimmer from Max Factor I already had so much that two more were allowed to move in.


The new colors are 20 Copper and 05 Crystal, here again with protective seal, which is such a good idea for drugstore products.


And this is what they look like in the pot. Crystal is a very shimmery white and Copper a shimmery nude color. It’s a lot more subtle than Bronze and lends itself to an easy every day look.


The swatches in contrast with the snow outside. Crystal is indeed very much a snow queen color, very sparkly and icey. I learned from my swatches from last time and applied only a tiny amount of cream to my arm. Both colors can be built up a little, but Crystal never makes a uniform white color. There are bigger shimmery particles in it than in Copper.

Copper finally turned out the “I overslept but still want to wear eyeshadow” color that I’ve been looking for ever since I discovered cream shadows. It can be applied very fast with a finger, and I can go over it several times without swiping anything off again and it actually lasts all day without creasing (or very minimal creasing) without primer underneath! Halleluja!

Crystal I chose more as a base color for underneath powder shadows. I had hoped to get a more uniformly white base with it, but it works out okay once the powder shadow is set on top. It makes a great base for silver, for example. While it helps the eyeshadow to stay better, it doesn’t stay all day long. The creasing didn’t look too bad, though.

Overall I am still very happy with the Excess Shimmer shadows. More colors, please.


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