kiko Valentines set

kiko Valentines set

I went to kiko for a red lip liner and I was doomed the moment the SA said ‘have you seen our brand new Valentines display?’. Impulse control? What impulse control?


The display shows red and pink lipsticks from their smart lipstick range (not LE) with matching lip liners also from the smart line (also not LE) and a pink pouch (probably LE). If you pick all three, you get a little discount. You don’t have to take matching liners and lipsticks and you also don’t have to buy the set. If you want to take just one item, you can.


Since I was there for a red lip liner I picked up a classic red one (it’s even called 706 Classic Red) and a matching lipstick (908 True Red).


They go on hot tomato red. Swatch in the shade.


Swatch in direct light.


For comparison: kiko True Red, Dior Marilyn, which is darker and pinker, and Maybelline Non-stop Red, which leans more orange.


Lasting Power

The lipstick has a creamy finish and to be honest I didn’t expect much staying power. But applied over the lip liner, this was surprisingly long lasting. During breakfast (cereal) the lipstick kept bleeding onto the spoon so I expected to not see much left on my lips when I was done. But no, it had only worn off a tiny little bit and was now more matte looking, but that was all. After lunch it had worn off on the inside of my mouth but it still wasn’t obvious. Afterwards it wore down to a softer stain (but consdering the color, still not very soft at all). I kept on drinking and snacking but the only thing that gets really rid of it is makeup remover. For a cheap listick that isn’t even sold as long lasting (it says ‘rich and nourishing’) this is amazing. I give it the seal of approval, it is certainly Valentine Dinner safe. (Only with liner underneath!) However after seven or so hours it started creeping into fine lines.



While the quality of it has convinced me, I am not too sure of the color on me. This has never happened to me, but upon application I got the feeling that I wasn’t ‘blonde’ enough. I feel like this would look most amazing on someone with corn blonde or platinum hair. (I am very dark blonde/light brown, sometimes copper.) I think I should have picked a shade darker. Maybe I’ll do it, at € 3,90 for a lipstick and € 2,50 for a liner they don’t exactly cost the world. In fact, these are the cheapest lippies I own. It’s funny though, I don’t bat an eyelash at wearing very dark shades, even black, but hot tomato red is where I get uncomfortable. XD


Inside of the ‘heartbreaker’ bag. It’s hot pink with white hearts. Looks a little more red because the light filters through the bag.

I am in no way affiliated with kiko, I just really like their stuff. XD


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