Clarins Spring 2015: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins Spring 2015: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

The newest trend in cosmetics is tinted lip oils. Clarins and YSL offer them in their spring collections and I decided I needed at least one:


My choice fell to the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil | Eclat Minute Huile Comfort Levres in 01 Honey. Clarins offers two colors: honey and raspberry; they have matching scents. Honey will be permanent, raspberry is LE! But I decided that I have enough balms and lipsticks in raspberry hues and the smell of honey was so lovely.


Packagingwise, the lip oils are almost identical to the Instant Light blushes which were a limited edition a few springs ago. Only the cap is slightly different, but the applicator is the same.


It’s an unusually big applicator for lips, but it worked for me. I put it to the middle of my lower lip to deposit product and then spread around by pressing my lips together. While it’s called an oil, it is much closer to lip gloss. In fact you use it exactly like lip gloss, it can be applied on the naked lips or on top of lipstick.


Swatch. The yellow oil obviously doesn’t have much color and if it left a light yellow stain you wouldn’t notice it. On the lips it looks like a clear gloss. It also wears like a gloss. Lasting power is about two to three hours unless you eat or drink. But when the gloss has worn off, the lips are still being nourished. I guess the oils have sunk into the skin. To keep my lips soft I need to reapply maybe twice a day, if even.

I wore it for two days and it has healed my badly cracked lips in that time. It is cold here and I was ill and my lips were bleeding. But now they’re all all soft and I haven’t even worn it today. The only bad thing about this lip oil is that it hasn’t been released sooner! Where have you been all my life!!! Massive recommendation. Much better than any balm I own.


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