site updates

site updates

hello, dear reader!

I decided to update my blog layout and while I was at it I decided to add some social media. You can now find me at twitter, bloglovin, pinterest and instagram. I also tried to add this path thingy, whatever it is, but it’s not working. The social media links can be found at the very bottom of the layout and I also put the instagram feed (currently very empty) in the footer instead of the sidebar, to not clutter too much.

Are you on any of these sites? I’d love to follow you, please tell me your username! 😀

Unrelated but of interest to commenters: If you put a link to yur own blog in your comment or write things like “please follow my blog”, wordpress keeps on sorting it into spam, so I will not immediately see it. You don’t need to do that anyway because I get the link to your wordpress anyway if you comment. I do try to follow back, but I don’t always get around to do it. Sorry bout that.

edit: damn it I killed the menu with a tag of the same name, this is stupid.

edit2: they’re back.

xxx, dandygal


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