Guerlain Rouge G Rose Barbare

Guerlain Rouge G Rose Barbare


Today I want to show you my only Rouge G from Guerlain. It’s Rose Barbare 75 from a past Spring Collection I believe (2012?). I’m sorry to tease you with yet another discontinued shade, but it’s what I’m currently wearing and I’ll make it a general review of Rouge G as well. By the way, as it is not uncommon with Guerlain, there’s a perfume of the same name, but I don’t know what it smells like. (Rosy, I suppose)


Swatch. Rose Barbare is a lovely sheer mid tone pink with glossy finish. On my arm the color was creeping into fine lines, but on my lips I didn’t notice that. It’s a wonderful lipstick to slap on and go, which is why I use it so much on early mornings. XD I think the the usual Rouge G formula is more opaque and less glossy. This particular shade wears pretty much like a Rouge Coco Shine, so most of it wears off in a few hours and there’s only a slight stain left unless you reapply. Which brings me to the general ‘problem’ of the Rouge G:

The packaging is pretty heavy and bulky, so I don’t like carrying it around in my bag. It also won’t stack or stand so it takes up more space in storage (a problem that only occurs for hoarders I guess). The mirror is a nice gimmick but I never use it. And lastly, the packaging also raises the price, Rouge Gs are quite costly. I picked up mine in a clearance sale and I’m not sure I’d ever splurge on one for the full price.

Sure, the formula is amazing and not the slightest bit drying (especially important in the winter) but is it that much better?

In a nutshell: really good lipstick and clearance sales are everyone’s best friend.


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