the Dandy Style – partydress

the Dandy Style – partydress

I caught a nasty cold and find myself unable to type more than a few sentences, so beauty reviews have to take a little pause. 😦 To post at least something, here’s a pic of my party dress that I wore last week before I fell ill:


I love flapper style dresses because they don’t require you to have boobs, haha. I’m all hips and no boobs.

Did you know the line “I’m gonna rouge my knees” in Chicago’s “All that Jazz” is because flappers did put rouge on their knees? It was the first time hemlines were high enough to see knees (although they were a bit lower than my dress here) and I guess they were like all uniform color is boring? I decided to not do that, I went for glow lotion instead. XD The glow you see is the tights, though.

Which dress style flatters your body best?

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