Givenchy Le Rouge Framboise Velours

Givenchy Le Rouge Framboise Velours

After loving the sheer Givenchy lipsticks so much I figured it was time to check out their opaque Le Rouge line.


Le Rouge lipsticks come in a lavish leather case. It also emits a strong leather smell, so watch out for that if you’re sensitive to such scents.


The color I chose is Framboise Velours 315, which in translation means ‘help, the Dandygal has way too many raspberry lipsticks’. But it’s sooo pretty! x(


Swatch. It goes on pretty much like it looks in the bullet, a blue toned raspberry pink. It was creamier than I expected, I guess I thought it was going to be a matte lipstick with a harder bullet, like the Rouge Allure Velvets from Chanel. But it has a creamy finish and goes on very easily. The first time I put it on my lips I applied too much because I was pressing too hard. This is the sort of lipstick best applied with a lip brush, I think.

Despite the creaminess, lasting power was pretty much amazing. It survived breakfast completely unscathed, it didn’t even fade on the inside of the lips! Then it wore down to a stain for the rest of the day and I had to use two remover pads to get it all off at 10 pm. And this day was not when I applied too much, it was later when I knew what to expect. So, the formula is pretty impressive. My lips got dry though, I think a good base underneath is important.

Framboise Velours can be found in the regular lineup, as far as I know it’s not limited.

4 thoughts on “Givenchy Le Rouge Framboise Velours

  1. That color is so pretty, ugh. Also I’m a sucker for the little imprint on the side of the bullet. I hate how details like that grab me but I cannot deny that they do.


    1. Gosh yes, the imprint is so pretty! I think it’s a nifty detail, considering how expensive high end lipsticks are, they can damn well come with a good imprint! XD


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