Chanel Vernis Satellite

Chanel Vernis Satellite

Today I have a special treat: my sister has volunteered her nail polish and her hands for a post!


The nail polish in question is Chanel Satellite 31.


We’re not entirely sure how old it is, around 15 years, maybe more. Despite the age, when you shake it up it’s as good as new.


It’s a golden shimmer nail polish with bigger silver sparkle. Here you see two coats with only base coat underneath. It can be used as a glitter topper of course but my sis prefers it to be almost nude with a twist. Pic above taken in artificial light.


This one was taken in natural light.

This nail polish is easy to apply and has good lasting power. It also has a strong nail polish stink, obviously an older formula and probably not 5 free unlike modern polishes sold in the EU (today, every polish sold in the EU has to be 5 free, which is why you’ll never see me give it an extra mention).

Much thanks to my sister for allowing us a glimpse at a discontinued polish. 🙂


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