the Dandy year in review & new years resolutions

the Dandy year in review & new years resolutions

After looking back on products of the year, let’s have a look back on this blog. It was my second year writing on here and I got into a routine. The report wordpress sent says that, not very surprising, my best day for blogging was sunday. I have posted 27 posts on a sunday and I queued up many more. That means at least every other sunday you’ll find a post on here. 🙂 In sum, there were 143 new posts.

Topic-wise I might as well put the subheader “a lipstick blog” up, because my love for vibrant lipstick really showed. These were my 5 most viewed entries of the year:

Rose Perfecto (YSL)


Rose Carnation (YSL)


Fuchsia Fetiche (YSL)


L’Exuberante and La Diva (Chanel)


La Malicieuse (Chanel)


Gosh I love lipstick! XD

To see which posts received the most likes, simply scroll down.


For the new year I plan to:

  • buy more lipstick
  • branch out: I haven’t been on my twitter account ever since I got a new computer (you guessed it – the pw); I want to remedy that, I also want to get instagram and maybe more. So in the coming weeks there will probably be more links in the sidebar…
  • get a camera: so far I have taken all my pics with a very old iPhone. Okay I am cheating, the camera just came in the mail right now. 😀
  • keep on posting

Thank you for flying with me, see you next year!


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